Security & Counter-UAS Panel Discussion

Although drones have been a welcoming addition for many different industries, they have also created problematic outcomes in various situations. Advanced hardware and software solutions have helped to create a critical awareness of the airspace so that the right people can have a better understanding of unauthorized drone activity. This session will explore what kind […]

UAM Panel Discussion

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) has emerged as a key concept of the interconnected urban environment of the future, where small drones along with the current and future means of travel will converge. Small drones that will be doing everything from performing an inspection to making deliveries will be operating in the same space as larger […]

Brief presentations from session presenters

Numerous energy companies have established their own drone operations in-house, as they work to use drones in the workplace just like any other technology available to them. This session will explore how energy industry professionals are making sense of large volumes of data and integrate them into current workflows, how security concerns are being addressed […]

Brief presentations from session presenters

One of the most rapidly growing sectors for drone integration is construction. The construction industry has discovered the many ways in which drones can add value and the use of UAVs has been steadily increasing over the last few years by construction companies, architects and surveyors. During this session, you will find out what the […]

Brief presentations from session presenters

The use of UAS in surveying and mapping is rapidly expanding as precision measurement professional learn about the efficiencies and cost savings possible with the use of drones. Drones have the potential to substantially increase ROI as a less expensive alternative to manned aerial surveys. Instant deployment and pre-flight programming can make for faster data […]

View into the Future Panel Discussion

Which new technologies will drive change in use of drones and other unmanned systems? And are today’s VC investment levels and focus a predictor of what’s ahead? This esteemed group of research analysts will discuss the future of technology, results of their studies and the underlying reasons for their predictions.

Expanded Operations Panel Discussion

Making drone flight operations highly accessible and practical for large organizations is an essential element for the adoption of the technology, and it’s why increased adoption rates of BVLOS and other expanded operations are so crucial. Organizations that will be or already are building a complete drone program that nests within existing enterprise policies and […]