Investing in next-generation transportation technologies and supporting systems, with a focus on advanced aerial mobility. This work draws upon my experience in software, venture capital, and transportation technology investing, as well as my involvement in aviation as a pilot.

My investment strategy addresses how electric propulsion, autonomy, and mobility service models will expand the use cases for new forms of flight across the economy, whether moving passengers or cargo, or for other applications. I focus on the software and related scalable technologies that enable new aircraft, the systems and data that digitize the flight environment, and the software running throughout future mobility platforms that will power application-specific end-uses.

I advise NASA's Aeronautics Research Directorate as a member of their Aeronautics Research Technology Roundtable, tasked with answering the question of how NASA's unique position and resources can best be used to ensure success for this new technology and industrial leadership for the United States in the new markets that emerge.

I also advise members of the FAA's Integration Pilot Program for UAVs in the National Airspace.


Oct 30 2019

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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