2019 University Roundtable Discussion

Oct 29 2019

7:00 AM - 8:30 AM EDT

Conference Room 7-8

As more universities are looking to implement new UAV programs of study or keep already established program up to date with the latest UAV applications, faculty and administration are left to set standards, determine best practices, stay within regulation, and more.

“As more legislators and college administrators realize the need to prepare students for the workforce for the well-being of the nation’s economy, colleges and universities have increasingly focused on developing a curriculum that is responsive to the industry’s and employers’ needs,” said Professor Wing Cheung, Palomar College (CA, USA). “Given that UAV applications and regulations are changing so rapidly, it is ever more important for educators to collaborate with employers and industry in order to ensure that graduates of college and university programs have the necessary knowledge and current skillset to not only enter, but also to advance this rapidly growing industry.”

This interactive roundtable session is open for anyone involved in an academic role who would like to discuss and learn from others on topics such as: program & curriculum development, preparing students for the workforce, liability & insurance, qualifications for instructors, and student recruitment & assessment.

*Roundtable discussion occurs before Opening Remarks & Keynote Presentations; Conference Pass holders will have time to enjoy breakfast in between.

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